11.9.19 1

Pregnancy Update: Thirty-One Weeks

I’m thirty-one weeks pregnant. When we went in for our checkup this week (on Monday), I measured 31 cm — which, after a quick Google search, seems pretty standard. Nothing too exciting on that front! Unless Lil’ Critter starts gaining…

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Easy Vegan Apple Dumplings

Y’all ready for some easy vegan apple pie dumplings that will make even the Paula Deen-est of “real” butter lovers squeal? You’re in luck. It turns out, when I’m pregnant, I want all of the cinnamon. Okay, okay, I can’t even lie…

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All The Stuff That Has To Get Done in November

AAAAHHHH, it’s November. You know what could happen in November? A HUMAN. *gulp* stay cooking, Lil’ Critter, it’s not quite time yet (but if you wanna come before the new year, that would be alright, my tiny little tax haven). It feels…

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11.1.19 1

Thirty Weeks

I am thirty weeks pregnant. This kid is 75% of the way cooked. If it was a turkey, it would still give me the worms if I ate it, so I hope it continues to bake away, but as someone…

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Twenty-Nine Weeks

Happy 29 weeks, I made it to two-a-days! Well, two-a-months, anyway. I’m to the point in this pregnancy that I have an appointment with my doctor every two weeks. At this week’s appointment, I learned a few things: What the…

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Twenty-Seven Weeks

We’re labeling the last seven days as “The Lost Week,” so my apologies to my Dumplin’ if he/she ever reads this and thinks I spent all of an entire week complaining (I did, but whatever). If you’ve watched my Instagram…

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