Twenty-Seven Weeks

We’re labeling the last seven days as “The Lost Week,” so my apologies to my Dumplin’ if he/she ever reads this and thinks I spent all of an entire week complaining (I did, but whatever). If you’ve watched my Instagram…

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If You Want to be a Writer, Just Write

I spend way too much time overthinking. About pretty much everything. I have for all of forever. While seemingly impulsive, I have most likely thought through every possible outcome ahead of time; my “Aries spontaneity” may be at least 50%…

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10.4.19 2

Twenty-Six Weeks

Twenty six weeks. WOW. Depending on which book I read, I’m either in the last week of the second trimester, or I have two weeks left until the third trimester. Help a gal out — do you think it’s a…

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My Weekly Loves and Must-Haves

Since I’ve tried to slow down some (see this post), I’ve found it so much easier to take notice of and joy in smaller things. When I’m goinggoinggoing, I tend to gloss over little things in pursuit of the larger goal.…

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9.6.19 1

Twenty-Two Weeks

22 weeks pregnant. That’s bananas. That means I’m full term in like, three months. I’m guessing once I’m large and in charge, the weeks may slow down a little, but for right now, I can’t even believe I’ve made it…

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Welcome to September

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time flies. I always feel like such a rocking chair granny saying it, but time marches on when you get older. All of a sudden, entire years smush together, ad you’re standing…

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Twenty Weeks … Halfway There!

You wanna really freak yourself out? Come to the realization that you’re halfway finished being pregnant. Like, take this time I’ve been pregnant, and add it to today. Then I’ll have a human being for whom I am responsible. One…

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