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The 101 in 1001 I Want to Finish

Happy Monday, little bunnies. 

If you look up at the top of the page, you’ll notice a 101 in 1001 tab. Yeah, alright, I’ve had a few lists that never get accomplished, but hear me out with this go-around. Admittedly, a to do list with 101 things on it can be overwhelming, so it would seem more managable in my mind to break down the list. Each task can be divided into different categories- travel + adventure, education, career, how to adult better (shut up). Just start with a few, then move along.

I’m planning on writing a blog post for each task I complete, and for those that are running lists, updating the master as I go. For example, keeping the books read and events volunteered pages as a work in progress and updating with each one. 

Anywhoodles. Here’s what we got: 

Begins: 1/1/2017


bolded = in progress
strike = completed

01 – Bungee jump.
02 – Go to Disney Land.
03 – Go back to Disney World.
04 – Tour a vineyard.
05 – Learn to snow ski or snowboard.
06 – Float the Buffalo River.
07 – Climb Hawksbill Crag.
08 – Ride in a hot air balloon.
09 – See a college football game in a stadium I’ve never been to.
10 – Visit a psychic.

11 – Drink beer at an Oktoberfest.
12 – Place a large bet on a long-shot horse.
13 – Go to a new art exhibit.
14 – Host a dinner party for my friends.
15 – Swim in the ocean after dark.
16 – Have a for-real picnic.
17 – Go to ten concerts.
18 – Attend a NFL game.
19 – Go for-real camping in a for-real tent.
20 – Acquire at least three new stamps on my passport.

21 – Visit five new states.
22 – Listen to blues on a patio in Memphis.
23 – Listen to jazz on a patio in New Orleans.
24 – See the Northern Lights.
25 – See NYC at Christmas.
26 – Take a solo road trip somewhere new.
27 – Attend the Kentucky Derby/Preakness/Belmont/Breeder’s Cup.
28 – Go on a girls trip.
29 – Travel first class.
30 – Donate blood.

31 – Send anonymous flowers to someone.
32 – Leave a 100% tip for a fantastic server.
33 – Don’t swear for a whole, entire day.
34 – Send a package to a soldier overseas.
35 – Spend the whole day with my mom, doing whatever she wants, on me.
36 – Adopt an Angel from the Angel Tree.
37 – Volunteer at ten different events.
38 – Find a cause I truly love and get involved in a meaningful way.
39 – Rescue another animal (or seven).
40 – Run another marathon.

41 – Run a sub-2:20:00 half-marathon (not easy for this slowpoke!)
42 – Run a sub-30:00 5K.
42 – Exercise every day for 21 days.
44 – Drink at least 80 oz. of water for a solid month.
45 – Manage to do the splits again.
46 – Go one month without boozing.
47 – Have a tech-free, phone-free, computer-free weekend.
48 – Take a week-long social media break.
49 – Bowl a 225.
50 – Make ten new recipes.

51 – Make it through a cookbook, cover to cover.
52 – No fast food for a month. 
53 – Take a cooking class
54 – Grow a herb garden.
55 – Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry.
56 – Order the most expensive dish on the menu.
57 – Get my very last nose.
58 – Find a signature fragrance.
59 – Have professional pictures taken.
60 – Learn to do my own makeup.

61 – Finish writing a book.
62 – Don’t be devastated if no one wants to publish it.
63 – But keep after it until someone does.
64 – Make an address book and a perpetual calendar.
65 – Have a stocked home bar.
66 – Take Louie to obedience classes.
67 – Save a three months’ worth of salary in a special account.
68 – Pay off my credit cards.
69 – Buy a home (whether it’s a cemented to the ground type or a shiny bullet on wheels type)
70 – Learn to use my pretty sewing machine.

71 – Make a quilt.
72 – Organize my medicine cabinet.
73 – Become a morning person (eyeroll)
74 – Find a budgeting plan that works for me.
75 – Then stick to it.
76 – Find three hobbies I love – one to make money, one to keep me in shape, one to be creative.
77 – Read the entire Bible.
78 – Learn about Buddhism.
79 – Learn about Hinduism.
80 – Learn about Islam.

81 – Have a candlelight dinner with nice music.
82 – Lay under the stars all nice.
83 – Get recertified in CPR and First Aid.
84 – Be a Disaster volunteer with the Red Cross.
85 – Read one new book per month for each month in the challenge (thirty-three total)
86 – Take piano lessons.
87 – Learn to use my DSLR.
88 – Take a housewarming gift for a new neighbor.
89 – Take my legal skills and put them to use with pro bono work.
90 – Learn basic Spanish.

91 – Learn basic ASL.
92 – Take my seven years of French and actually remember how to converse.
93 – Reupholster/refinish at least three more pieces of furniture.
94 – Do five projects from my DIY Pinterest board.
95 – Buy a hammock.
96 – Bake an apple pie from scratch.
97 – Eat the worm.
98 – Write my will (it’s appalling that I haven’t done this since, ya know, I’m a lawyer, but whatever)
99 – Buy a lottery ticket when the jackpot is over $200M. Winning optional, but obviously not discouraged.
100 – Attend an opera.

101 – Be kind to yourself. Always.

Ok. So.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

  • I’ve already started my reading challenge (which I’ll post about this weekend). I’m planning on posting my next book in the queue as well, so if anyone is interested in reading with me, we can be old ladies and chat about it.
  • Find a 5K in the spring and register. Just do it. 
  • Find a vegan/vegetarian cookbook I like to make allllll the recipes. 
  • Plan a girls trip. My friend Mimi and I want to go to Cuba. 

Other than that, I’m open to suggestions. I know it’s a lot to do in a little under three years, but I also know it’s possible if I do more and watch less. Let’s get on it. 

tyler lucille


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  1. Lauren wrote:

    Definitely share what you are reading! I’m a read-aholic (seriously. i read. a LOT. not always the most intellectual reads, but boy oh boy do i read…) and am looking for some new recs!

    Published 1.23.17
  2. Nicole wrote:

    I know a couple of deployed soldiers if you need someone to send a package to!

    Published 1.23.17
  3. Steph wrote:

    A few things:
    1. YES to NYC at Christmas!!!
    2. I read the bible and it was tough. I’m excited to see what you read to learn about the other religions – that was what i set out to do, but I never figured out where to start with anything other than what i grew up in and I was so horrified by that at the end of my bible reading.
    3. the forest feast is the cookbook i’m working through and it’s so pretty and easy and all plant based. I’m a huge fan so far (but I’m only about 10 recipes in out of about 100)

    cheers to you and this list. I miss my 30 before 30, I might have to go down this road.

    Published 1.26.17
    • TylerLucille wrote:

      I’ll definitely check out the Forest Feast book. I have Alicia Silverstone’s Kind Diet, and I’ve really liked that, but I’m definitely looking for options!

      To be honest, I’m more excited about learning about the other religions than making it through the Bible. Years in a Southern Baptist church have kind of warped my view of Christianity.

      Published 1.26.17