101 in 1001: Donate Blood

I decided to “do something good” or whatever and add a blood donation to my 101 in 1001 list. Little did I know, I’d start working for a company that brought in a blood drive once every few months. Thanks, Walmart, for making it easy on me!

So easy, in fact, that I’ve donated twice. My last donation was almost six months ago — I hate that, but I have a good reason. Though I didn’t make any mentioned of it, I got super sick with a maybe? spider bite that required MRSA-level antibiotics in November, and then spent the rest of the cold weather months fighting random crud. Apparently, they don’t want your blood when it’s all tainted with superdrugs and snot. 


BUT … they did happily accept my blood in the fall, and they surprised me with my gallon pin.

They’ve been keeping up with my donations since law school, and with my last donation, I hit a gallon. #BAM

I should do this more — getting to mark something off my list and be helpful? Check.

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