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Welcome Home, Grandma Dolly

Once upon a time, I made a 101 in 1001 list. I decided that one of those things would be to adopt another dog. I mean, I got pretty much the perfect pound puppy in Louie, so I wanted lightning to strike twice (confession: I want it to strike seven more times too). I comb Petfinder basically every day. Back in March, I was doing my scroll and I came across the most darling gray poodle I ever saw. Her owner had to go live in a nursing home, and she had to go to the shelter. She wasn’t a young gal, ringing in at twelve years old, but she had the most precious little face, and I couldn’t stand the idea that, after years of being someone’s lap baby, she was stuck in a cage and scared. I immediately called about her, but sadly, someone had put in an application for her. I figured that was that, but nope! A few days later, they called and said the person fell through, and about an hour later, Louie and I were loaded up to go to Eureka Springs and visit with this tiny poodle.

Y’all, she was such a spoiled brat. She was never in her kennel because the employees always had her on someone’s lap. She pranced and played and booped Louie’s nose, and I decided I wasn’t leaving without her. We paid our adoption fee and loaded up in the car, and off we went.

She has these long, gangly legs and walks kind of crooked, so sometimes we call her Dollum because we’re Lord of the Rings geeks in this house. She’s very spry for an old gal and loves to play with Louie. She loves little kids, so Nora and Cece are all about Miss Dolly.


She’s been with us since March 8, and we can’t imagine life without her now.

Welcome home, Dolly Marie!

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  1. Jordyn wrote:

    Oh my goodness she is so sweet! I can’t wait to adopt another pup and now I am inspired to look for a senior dog!

    Published 11.20.18
    • TylerLucille wrote:

      She is the absolute best. It makes me wanna go grab another!

      Published 11.20.18
  2. Sarah little wrote:

    Love her!

    Published 11.22.18
  3. Cece loves her dawwww-weeee

    Published 11.25.18