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101 in 1001: Matchbox Twenty + Counting Crows

I’ve never grown out of my obsession with Matchbox Twenty.

In fact, I loved them when they were Matchbox 20 (the number, not the word) — and never stopped. 

My junior high boyfriend’s band played 3AM at our school’s Spring Show and I melted a little.

I’m semi-convinced that She’s So Mean was written about me.

She’s got a wicked sense of humor, can’t believe what she says
She drinks Bacardi in the morning till it goes to her head
And all you want is just to hold her, but she don’t go for that
She has a hard time coming when she can’t hit back

You get it. So when they came to the Walmart AMP in Rogers (i.e., seven minutes from my house) with the Counting Crows, it was a show I had no intention of missing. When I asked around, most of the people I knew (like, 95%) were jazzed for the Counting Crows portion of the night. I like Counting Crows as much as the next gal (You Can’t Count on Me may have also been, in part, written about me), but no matter how many times I hear Mr. Jones & Me, I’m still a Push loyalist. Them’s just the facts.

Lo and behold, Counting Crows were a bit of a disappointment. Low energy, decent performance, didn’t ever play Mr. Jones & Me. Adam Duritz was quoted as saying:

“We’ve been pretty good throughout our career with the idea that if we don’t want to play it, it just won’t get played. My feeling is people deserve your complete passionate commitment. They deserve that. They don’t necessarily deserve a set list of the songs they want to hear.”

(emphasis my own)

Pardon my French, sir, but you’re an asshole, and without me (and a zillion others) buying the August and Everything After album and playing Mr. Jones & Me on a constant loop in the summer of 1994, you wouldn’t even be up here on your has-been tour. So shove it and give me what I’ve paid you for. Otherwise, make an indie album and play for four people.


Rob Thomas then melted my eyeballs and made it all better.

They played every single song I could have wanted to hear, and they had so much energy and good juju that I forgot all about the other guys (and whatever, I was there for them anyway).

Point being this: if you have a chance to see Matchbox Twenty live, do it. Counting Crows, though? Expect a petulant kid who will still play Long December sometimes.

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  1. Chessa Jones wrote:

    I felt the same way when I saw Counting Crows live! It was low energy and quite boring. And I love 90s matchbox 20!!!

    Published 6.4.18
    • TylerLucille wrote:

      Right?? I hate being disappointed, but overall, Rob Thomas beat up on Adam Duritz 🙂

      Published 6.4.18