24 Days of Goodness

Remember when I talked about the reasons for not having any cute willpower? 

Or when I decided to take control of my habits and the way I looked and felt?

Ok. Well. Let’s go a step further. 

My sister Casey and I have decided to do an Advocare 24-Day Challenge together. I’ve completed one before, maybe three years ago, and I loved it. It takes a little organization on the front end — I used Ziploc baggies for each day — but taking the guesswork out of supplements is completely worth it. Plus, I remember the fruit punch Spark tasting like Koolaid (I even mixed it with vodka a few months later, shhhhhh).

But let me rewind. There’s a backstory to this.

*cue up the music from Britney Spears’ Lucky: 

This is a story about two sisters who, in their twenties, used to be skinny and moderately healthy. Tyler and Casey work out together and cook together, which was easy because they lived together.

Then Casey got married and moved in with a new roommate and Tyler wasn’t allowed to come (*sad face*). And lots of life happened, like weddings and babies and moving for jobs and late nights and busy weekends. And all the stuff that the sisters did together kind of took a backseat because all of these other things were going on. They got a little fluffier than they used to be, Tyler more so than Casey, but Casey had a baby and had a good excuse or whatever (and she bounced back really quickly anyway), and Tyler didn’t at all have an excuse at all, other than liking dark beer and late-night nachos, but these are all details. They’d do some different workouts, which was great. The food part was what could get difficult, because 1) the Sowers sisters can plow food like offensive linemen, and 2) both got so busy with work and life that they’d sometimes succumb to convenience over broccoli. 

Which brings us to present day, so I’ll end the third-person story (since it was just the prologue anyway). 

I’m fluffier than my sister. Let’s just get that out there. I also have some blood sugar issues that she doesn’t. I can remember being taken into the doctor around ten years old, testing me for Type I diabetes. At the time, the only thing I knew about blood sugar was what I learned from Babysitter’s Club, and Stacey McGill made it seem way cooler than what it actually is. My blood sugar doesn’t ever spike into the 200s, but it will rapidly drop into the 30s, and that kind of shock to my body isn’t something that needs to be happening on a regular basis. I know my eating habits have to be regulated in order for my blood sugar to be regulated (per every doctor I’ve ever spoken with about it), but that can take some planning ahead, which is admittedly not one of my stronger characteristics. 

Between the two of us, we both want to feel better, not just look better, so we’re jumping into this together. We’ve even managed to nudge my boyfriend and her husband into doing it with us. Which is great, having two people in one house doing the same things does wonders for accountability. My sister is fantastic on that end too — you give her a plan to put in her brain, and she will move earth and mountains to make it happen. Like a little toy, you wind her up and watch her go!

The other great thing about doing a challenge like this with Casey: she has both a nutrition degree and a personal trainer license. Which are pretty handy attributes to have in an accountability partner, especially for someone like me that can occasionally need hand-holding. 

Our plan is this: we’re going to start on April 24th, so we can hit the space in between Easter Candy and Memorial Day swimsuits. We have a little group formed right now, and we figured the more, the merrier! If anyone wants to come along for the ride, we would love to have you. . We’re going to Snapchat and Insta our Casey-inspired workouts (because nothing is better for skinnygal accountability than public shaming if you aren’t acting straight, amirite?).

And we aren’t just focusing on the products, the food, and the exercise. We’re going to plan for things that will hopefully make your life easier along the way — things as easy as taking small breaks at work/at home. When you’re busy and have your life planned out by necessity, very rarely do you schedule time for yourself — and that’s the real goal here! 

Okay. There’s the story. You’re welcome to sit back and watch us, but if you’d like to join our party (we’re so fun at parties, BTW), here’s what to do:

  1. Go sign up here and get your 24-Day Challenge kit.
  2. Let’s get all connected on the social scene so that we all have that same level of accountability (Tyler ‘s Snapchat and Insta, Casey’s Snapchat and Insta)
  3. We’ll send you an email, and we’ll probably try to schedule a Facetime because we’re the kind of people that will talk a mile-a-minute, and that’s hard to do via email when you skipped typing classes in school so you could take a gifted class to make an Indiana Jones-themed Rube Goldberg contraption instead.
  4. Get the party started!

If you’ve made it this far (and don’t want to kill me now that I’ve gotten Lucky stuck in your head — it’s just so catchy) … thank you! If you don’t wanna join, we’ll be back to different sorts of posts for the rest of the week, so don’t worry that I’ve become one of them. Just excited, and I like to share it. 

Happy Monday, kittens. 


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