Day 4/24: The Update

I planned on being completely transparent with regard to this Advocare 24- Day Challenge. Four full days in, let me tell y’all what I’ve learned:

  • I already want a piece of square Wonder Bread. I love square Wonder Bread. Wheat will have to do.
  • It’s harder than you’d think to come up with vegetarian recipes for this. I’m trying to stick as closely to the original plan as I can without eating things like lean turkey and chicken.
  • The fiber is no. joke. If your body tells you it’s “time,” so to speak, do not hesitate, do not walk without purpose, and do not trust your body and its functions until it is no longer “time.” Trust me or you might be a pants-shitter. And no one likes a pants-shitter.
  • That fiber thing? That’a apparently only the case on the first day. Maybe it’s a shock to your system, I don’t know. In the few days after the initial dose, it’s had the exact opposite effect. Remember that episode of Always Sunny when Sweet Dee has a heart attack and she and Dennis get on the supplements?
    I would kill for your bowel movements.
    basically. gross. whatever.
  • It’s been fairly easy so far. My big boss brought in donuts yesterday and my soul died a little, but other than that, I’ve been fine. 
  • I took two things together that I think I wasn’t supposed to take together, and my heart beat reeeeally fast. Lesson learned there.

That’s really all for now. My team and I are spending the day tomorrow doing do-gooder-y things with the United Way, so I get to spend some time out of the office and out in the sunlight on a Friday. Can’t get better than that!

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