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When I Went to Alaska & Came Home with Better Jewelry

I thought I was going to Alaska to help take pictures for Sidra and Sean’s engagement, not to be surprised by my own. But y’all.  I was wrong.

And I’m so excited to be wrong and engaged to this super-incredible man.

(omg what.)


It’s been almost three weeks (tomorrow! eeee!) and I’m still surprised it happened. To Dale’s credit, he was a fantastic story teller. He told me that he wanted to custom-design an engagement ring, but that from the time he finalized to the time it would show up in his hand, it would take at least two months, and I had no idea where he was in the process. I wasn’t sure if he was in dreaming mode or purchasing mode, so in my mind, I figured it was November at the absolute earliest. And dudes, the man sold that story. Sold it.

We ended up in Alaska to shoot Sidra and Sean’s engagement photos. For those of you who don’t know, Dale was a teacher before he became a professional photographer, and Sidra was on of his students! They kept in touch, and when she and Sean got engaged, she called Dale for the photography (we also get to go back in June for the wedding!). 

We had the very best time, right from the start. I don’t know that I’ve ever been anywhere as awe-strikingly beautiful as Alaska. We did a few photoshoots of me/me + him (believe me, it’s still weird, I’ve gotten more pictures of myself in the last few months than I think I have in the last twenty years), we ate some incredible food, we took in the scenery. I wish everyone could see Alaska at least once.

The day before the proposal, Dale started the most ridiculous fight with me. Ladies, back me up here: your man ever start business with you, and you’re thinking in your head, “Where the hell even am I and what is this life currently?” That was me, sitting in the Hard Rock Cafe Anchorage waiting to go to Sidra and Sean’s engagement shoot location. Apparently, the man had some nerves that manifested in one of the most befuddling arguments of ever. One of those that would. not. die. He apologized the next day (after a few hours of dead silence — he is still a man, after all, even when he knows he’s at fault) and we did some book shopping.

Makes for a hilarious story now, but he’s lucky I didn’t toss him over these here rocks.

We had a shoot planned for the two of us while we were there. Sidra, our gorgeous bride, agreed to hop behind the camera and take some snaps of us. Dale’s excuse/reasoning to throw me off the scent: “I always take pictures of you, but we rarely get any of us unless its a selfie.” Which is 100% true, so I thought nothing of it and we decided to meet outside our hotel, the Alyeska, around 5:30.

When we were in the used bookstore, though, Dale suggested to me that we should go early. I threw a fit (as I tend to do) because I planned on showering and getting ready after we got to Alyeska and I looked like hell burned to a Pyrex and I needed some time to get beautified for images that last forever. Keep in mind, y’all, this was at like, noon. 

It turns out, Dale had the ring shipped to Sean’s parents’ house in Anchorage and it had arrived that morning, and it had started burning a hole in his pocket because (1) the secret was now harder to keep, and (2) he had already acted a fool once because of his nerves. That’s why he suggested the earlier time. After everything was said and done, though, he was happy that I felt fluffy and pretty for the occasion.

So we’re out taking pictures, and a few minutes in, he starts getting real squishy with me. I’m an idiot and still not catching on, so I just thought, Damn, this beautiful scenery got him feeling all sorts of goosy.

And then it happened. He was down on a knee.

And he told me three things, which I’ll never repeat to anyone else. But believe me when I say they were magical.

And then he asked, and I said yes like, nineteen times. And then had to ask him if I could have the ring because he forgot to give it to me. Details 🙂 

Afterward, we took the tram up to the 7 Glaciers restaurant to celebrate, where the chef had prepared a specialized vegan menu for us, complete with complimentary champagne and brandy. It was seriously the most special night.

So here we are, a few weeks later! Just starting the planning piece, but trying to get it figured out. I’ll definitely be writing about the process of planning a vegan wedding, so stay tuned!

Shit went down in Alaska.

Indeed it did.

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    Oh my goodness I love your proposal story and your ring is completely stunning! Congratulations, I can’t wait to follow your wedding planning journey!!

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    So happy for you!

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