Baby Dilly’s Nursery Tour

Welcome to Baby Dilly’s gender neutral nursery!

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When Dale and I made the decision not to find out the sex of the baby, we accepted that decorating a gender neutral nursery would be challenging. One of the factors in that decision was that we didn’t want to pigeonhole a kid into a blue tugboats versus pink tutus corner, though; if our daughter wants blue Ninja Turtles or our son wants pink dolls, we’re 100% on board.

However, it does make decorating a baby’s room a little more difficult, especially when you want some color involved. Enter Emily Winfield Martin’s The Wonderful Things You Will Be.

Backstory: one of my favorite dates is to have a little wine or coffee and go wander around Barnes and Noble. Dale and I have been doing that since our second or third date — we meet for a snack and a little wine, then spend the next hour or two exploring the bookstore, flipping through magazines and new arrivals. One of those time, one with slightly more wine involved than other occasions, lead to me purchasing about fifteen hardback classics (pictured below) for a baby’s room … when we weren’t even engaged. 

I showed my crazy early and it worked. Let that be a lesson, ladies.

Anywhoodles, later on in our relationship, post-wedding (and I believe post-finding out I was pregnant), we’re meandering through the store and I see The Wonderful Things You Will Be again. Every time I passed it in the previous year, I’d stop to look through it, but this one was boxed. Upon further inspection, it was a special boxed set that contained twenty prints of the beautiful illustrations from the book. I immediately picked it up and ran to Dale and showed him — that was what I wanted to use to decorate our gender neutral nursery.

As I mentioned in this post, I wanted to finish everything baby/house/work/life related by December 20 so that I wouldn’t be frazzled late in the game (and I’d have some time to relax prior to baby’s arrival). Surprisingly, it was! After the preterm labor scare, we decided to get our acts together and we brought in a painting crew to do the entire house in a light gray with stark white trim. We’ve had a delightful 2006-style Builder Beige this entire time, and with Dale being such a stickler for good light, it made sense that, if we were going to be shooting a zillion pictures, that we have a better background. I l-o-v-e the finished product!

This crib was the first purchase we made, outside of the prints that inspired the entire room. It came in three colors — white, gold, and pewter. We chose the pewter. It’s almost black, with a little bit more depth than just basic black. It’s wrought iron and sturdy and will last through little Dilly’s childhood. We bought the conversion kit so that (if we don’t need the crib again) it can just stay with him/her over time.

My parents bought us the chair and ottoman. The ottoman has storage space where we keep extra blankets. The fabric is soft and cozy and the chair is squishy, and it comes with a lumbar support pillow that I’ll be very thankful for in a month or so!

Here are a few of the prints from the boxed set. We divided them up based on color. The lighter ones went over the dresser, and the darker ones went over the crib. I love the beautiful watercolors!

The reading nook! the bottom row of the bookshelf house the tipsy books I referenced before. Everything from the Jungle Book to Anne of Green Gables. They were so gorgeous, I knew I wanted them for future baby’s room and I couldn’t leave them behind.

The armadillo (“Dilly”) was a gift from my mom’s best friend, and the poodle book is from my great friend (and fellow poodle lover) Cameron. We wanted to avoid buying things just to buy them. Everything that is in the room has a meaning and purpose.

In the end, the room doesn’t look like any of the baby rooms I pinned and saved years ago, when I wondered if I’d ever have a baby of my own … and I love it. It’s simple and it’s meaningful and it was put together with the help and love of our family and friends. And I can’t wait to bring Dilly home to it.

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