Coffee Talk with Ty, v.6

Grab your joe (might be an afternoon joe by the time this gets up), and settle in for a little coffee talk. 

What. A. Week.

Y’all, this one has taken it out of me. Between the back-to-back-to-back, all day long meetings at work and The Reinvention of Ty™ (details to follow), everything, right down to my bones and goo, feel tired. Exhausted, even. Que sera sera, that’s what coffee was made for, and I’m too excited about where I’m going to get caught up in what is no longer serving me.

♥ Oh, the Nordstrom sale. Y’all sick of it yet? Hope not, because I’m gonna tell you about a few things I got tomorrow. I went a little ham during this Reinvention of Ty™ period, purchasing things that aren’t totally work appropriate.

♥ On a related note, I bought sparkly high tops and can’t tell if I look like a badass rockstar or JoJo Siwa. This whole Reinvention of Ty™ thing ha lead me out of my usual “only purchase things you’ll boringly wear,” sparkly high tops being the top offender.

♥ The Reinvention of Ty™ isn’t actually TM’d, but it’s much more fun pretending it is.

♥ I made some dope banana bread. Like, d-o-p-e banana bread. It’s vegan and it’s awesome and you should check it out. It’s moist and chocolate-y and won the affections of a non-vegan fourteen year old, so you know I ain’t lyin’ with my skewed vegan-version of what is tasty and what isn’t.

♥ When you straighten your hair and then get caught in the rain:

How death got cool. It’s a long read and it’s an older read, but it’s a pretty incredible read from The Guardian.

♥ Mainstream science has finally caught on to what people have known for decades: what you eat can have a significant effect on how you feel. Here, the Wall Street Journal outlines foods that can help depression.

♥ Girl bye.

I don’t think we have anything left to say here.

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