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Coffee Talk with Ty, v.5

Oh, a coffee talk, which is, incidentally, something that I can’t currently have on this super crunchy, extra bougie vegan cleanse I’m doing that I’ve already regretted a little. Tea and rosewater and probiotics and some fancy green shake and voila! I’ll be 24 again. I’ll keep ya updated on that. We’ll just see.

♥ I spent the weekend in Omaha with my dad watching baseball. Which was incredible, but Holy Moses, I didn’t want to come back to work. It’s cool, though, got my live stream set up to at least listen to baseball all day. If the Hogs make it into the weekend, though, it’ll be hard not to drive the approximately 88540 hours north again.

♥ How to emotionally detach from work. YOOO. I struggle with this. When clients get that tone, it’s hard not to react in kind. I know I’m guilty of it a lot

♥ Glennon Doyle Melton is coming for you, white women. And I’m here with her.

“What sucks is that it took us being personally affected to finally show up. We cannot show up for the movement and say, ‘Here we are!’ until we say, ‘We are so damn sorry it took us so long.’ … And so when white women say to me, ‘How do I lead? Where do I begin?’ I say, ‘You do not lead! And you don’t begin anything!’ The fight for civil rights is not new, we’re just new to it.”

♥ I’m a little late to the game with this one, but a little while back, Rodrigo Koxa rode an 80-foot wave, shattering the previous record of seventy-eight feet. I don’t know about y’all, but this picture makes my ‘giner tighten just looking at it.

♥ I watched a documentary on Netflix called End Game. It’s a short watch, maybe an hour or so, and it followed five or six different terminally ill people as they travelled through the ends of their respective lives. Much of it focused on Dr. BJ Miller, who runs the Zen Hospice Project. Dr. Miller, who has been disabled since nineteen, felt he had a better understanding of the feelings of those dying because he had faced death himself. He has a lovely outlook regarding the end of life and what will actually matter to you when the time comes. He was also featured in a TED talk, which I’ve posted below.


♥ I’ve recently become infatuated with Grey Gardens and Little/Big Edie. I figure that’s how my mother and I will end up. I better start making some lawyer money, though, or else we’ll be considered “batshit crazy” instead of the “eccentric” tag that I desire.

♥ A new study was published stating that autism can be identified in children by examining their baby teeth. It’s incredible. Basically, the insides of teeth are like rings inside a tree, and by examining the absorption/exposure of zinc and copper in utero, scientists have found a link to the autism spectrum. Here’s the Newsweek article.

♥ See that up there? Those are children. In cages. Like rabid animals. Being held indefinitely, without due process, away from their parents. So no, now more than ever, I don’t find your argument for being a fiscally conservative voter, a third party protest voter, or a lesser of two evils voter very compelling. We told you this shit would happen and you didn’t care. Don’t you dare become flush with the empathy vapors and clutch your pearls when the inevitable occurs. Trump voters: you did this. The first step in fixing any problem is admitting you’ve made one. It’s time to own it and rectify it before we’re too far gone. Read a Washington post article on the lingering effects here.

♥ Last Thursday marked one whole month of being a dedicated vegan. I learned early on to give myself grace, simply because I will make mistakes in the beginning (as I would in the beginning of anything). Certain things that I thought were vegan contained eggs or was brushed with butter or something similarly (and decidedly) un-vegan. Part of this journey, though, is reducing waste, so I don’t intend to purge perfectly good food because of my inability to read a label or ask the questions that need to be asked. Right now, I’m about progress, not perfection, and any steps I take to reduce my carbon contribution are, to me, good steps. To celebrate one whole month, I think I might buy myself this shirt:

♥ Oh, look. A professional picture of just me.

You know those awkward moments when someone is attempting to take a nice picture of just you? The ones where you don’t know what to do with your hands and you’re worried about what you have on your face and when you smile you don’t know if there’s shit in your teeth, and then your heart starts racing and your pits get clammy and you give the Chandler Bing smile?

That’s me.

Seriously, though. This was 100% me. Maybe I’m uncomfortable when I don’t have someone else to hold on to in a picture — which is weird because I usually love a good spotlight — whatever it is, it made me a little itchy to be all alone, one foot from a camera lens. Bless Dale, though, he managed to make chicken salad out of awkward-faced chicken shit. I’ll try to get better, but if I’ve learned one thing through this experience, it’s that I’m definitely a lawyer and not a model.

On that note: bummer.

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  1. Lauren wrote:

    Started this post laughing at your line “super crunchy, extra bougie vegan cleanse” – b/c LOL, for real, but by the end, I’m just pissed off. could you maybe rent a billboard for “Trump voters: you did this. The first step in fixing any problem is admitting you’ve made one.” B/c i cannot. i just cannot. The news is making me weepy the past few days and i dont even HAVE KIds …. but dude. damn. if these right wingers (fiscal conserv?psh) can’t get on board with an op-ed by laura freakin’ (badass) bush, is there any hope?

    Published 6.19.18