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The Final Countdown: What I’m Doing in December

Happy December.

There’s a high probability that I’ll have a baby this month.

We’re there.

My natural inclination is to (1) vomit, then (2) panic, and finally, (3) get to work.

First and foremost, though, a little housekeeping. I had a few things on my list to finish in November, and I wanted to update on that.

  • Figure out my birth preferences and run it by my doctor. I made the list here, and I’ve gotten approval on them from my doctor. Granted, this was a few days before the preterm labor scare, so I’m not sure if everything is still okay, but I have an appointment on Wednesday and I’ll be able to update more then.
  • Veganize three family Thanksgiving recipes. We did it! I made dressing, green bean casserole, and delicious mashed potatoes. The potatoes were all Dale, and he was the belle of the Thanksgiving ball. He sautéed leeks and garlic and blended them into the potatoes with oat milk and butter and holy moly it made my eyes roll back in my head.
  • Pack my hospital bag. DONE! I’ll post about it tomorrow.
  • Prep my hustles. Still in progress, but I’m so excited. 
  • Make our legacy drawer. This one kind of fell to the wayside, but I’ll get it finished this week. Just needing to get all the paperwork together so that if one of us is hit by a bus, the other doesn’t have to dig through a zillion drawers to make things happen. There’s a fine line between morbidity and practicality, and this task certainly tiptoes back and forth on that line, but ultimately, it’s better to be prepared than the alternative.

Life was a little thrown off by the preterm labor scare, but now things appear to be on the up and up. If I can make it through Wednesday, I will officially have passed the fourteen-day mark, which means I’m out of the woods for being in the “advanced risk of preterm labor” category. Just a couple more days, and then I’ll feel so hopeful that I can finish the list below.

[also my 34 weeks pic. it happens]

Finish everything baby/house-related by December 20.

We’re currently living at my parents’ house while ours is being completely repainted (holy nesting). They anticipate being finished by Tuesday evening, so we can get back in on Wednesday. I can then go through our piles in the middle of each room before putting things back in place, then have someone come deep clean the house, the have the carpets cleaned. And then that’s it. Fin. That date puts me right at thirty-seven weeks, and I can relax knowing that everything is set up, everything is clean, and I don’t have to stress about whether the nest is ready.

Set up (a small) Christmas.

This is a hard one for me. In general, I follow the Buddy the Elf method of decorating for holidays: the bigger, the better, and obnoxious is beautiful. All that said, this year is a little different for a few reasons. The obvious is that it will be much harder for me to take down a Buddy the Elf Christmas when I’m either very heavily pregnant or carrying a newborn. The slightly less obvious is that it’s already December 2, and we won’t even be back in the house and ready to decorate until this weekend, giving us only a few weeks of Winter Wonderland. 

My compromise is to decorate sparsely, but with intention. I can’t imagine a holiday season without a Christmas tree. Luckily, we have a foolproof one. Last Christmas, our friend Mandy decorated a tree for us for photoshoots. We didn’t want to mess it up and dismantle it after the season, so we Saran Wrapped it instead and sat it upright in the attic. All we have to do now is move it downstairs, unwrap it, and give it a fluff, and voila! A beautiful tree that was easy to construct (and deconstruct, for that matter).

Practice minimalism and contentment.

This is something that becomes especially hard for me during the holidays. I love giving gifts, but I’m not always great at limiting myself. I would love to practice contentment and discernment, and put some real thought into my gift-giving this year. I’m not 100% into the “experiences over things” movement — after all, you can’t unwrap “bowling” on Christmas morning — but I like the idea enough to give it some consideration, especially where Nora is concerned. I’ve had a tendency to go overboard, so this year, I want to subscribe to quality, thoughtful gifts (that are also budget-friendly because #DaveRamsey). 

Be still.

Soak up this last month of stillness before life gets turned upside down. Take time for myself. Take time with Dale. Stop stressing about things I can’t control. Let my list fall to the wayside. Prepare all I can, and then rest.

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  1. Shelly Parker wrote:

    I absolutely love your posts. I can literally feel your excitement, your nervousness, your joy…everything!! I’m so excited for this baby to get here!! (And yet you and I have never met in real life!! Lol!! One of these days we’ll pass in Target and I’ll be the crazy one to act like we’ve been BFF’s our whole life when I say hi to you! ) Hang in there Momma!! The best is almost here!!

    Published 12.2.19
    • TylerLucille wrote:

      thank you! it’s excitement and nervousness all rolled into one!

      Published 12.3.19