Eight Things I Love Right Now

This song.

Lord Huron’s The Night We Met. Find it on Spotify here, then find someone to listen with you and make out with that person. TRUST ME, it works.

This book.

 Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rimes. I talked about my (half)Year of Yes a few weeks ago, and it’s mainly because I was reading this book. If you feel like you’ve been stifled and struggled, read it. It will encourage you to take more chances that could change your life, simply by saying “yes” when you’d usually decline.

This smell.

Guys, this candle smells like angels. Actual, literal angels. There’s a reason it’s called Comfort — it smells like being wrapped in a chenille blanket in front of a fireplace and getting covered with puppies. I’ve rolled through two of them in about three weeks, so I’m fairly certain you can trust me here.

This outfit.

sweater (runs big, I’m in a sm.) // skirt (TTS, I’m in a 6) // heels (sold out at Zara, but all over Poshmark)

It’s a perfect outfit for when the weather pretends it will be fall soon by dropping into the seventies, so I pull out a sweater and corduroy skirt and then sweat to death in the afternoon. Whatever, it’s fine, I’m fine, everything’s fine, I’m just suffocating.

This game.

 Love Letter (Premium Edition). I am a SUCKER for a good game, especially the strategy games. The dorkier, the better … that’s my game motto! This one is a card game, and the purpose is to get your letter to the Princess. Each card represents a different character — a knight, a king, a prince, etc. You can only hold two at a time, and must discard one card and draw a new card each hand. Each character has different effects on the others. I’m probably butchering it, but a fun way to play (once you’ve learned is with blind luck, discarding a hand without looking at your cards.

This quote.

This podcast.

Sounds Like MLM But Ok. Each episode chronicles a person who fell into a less-than-savory (sometimes downright predatory) pyramid scheme and was ultimately hurt by it. Some of it is sad, some is snarky, some is funny. There’s a new episode every Monday. 

This meal.

Guys, I wish I could franchise Saiwok into every city in America. It’s a Vietnamese street food restaurant that is right down the road from my house, and I literally eat it three times a week. They flash-fry their tofu, making it crispy on the outside, and I pair it with a seaweed salad and brussel sprouts and it’s s good it makes my eyes cross. It can be trying sometimes, finding vegan food in a restaurant that isn’t simply fries and a measly side salad, so when you find something that works, you ride it! I love the veggie dumplings, the Buddha steak bahn mi, and the $5 sake kettle (whoops). 

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