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February Goals That Don’t Involve the Chapel O’Love

First and foremost, thank you all for your kind responses regarding my last post. I write about a lot of things, including some controversial topics, but owning that I wasn’t as open as I previously thought made me itchy as I got closer to posting. For my bottom of my ass (which is much bigger than my heart), thank you.


Have you ever heard the term syllabus day? The first day of a new class in which you are virtually guaranteed to do nothing but get your syllabus? It’s a nice way to look over what you’re doing for the semester and get yourself prepared, without bearing the burden of actually doing anything?

That was what January was for me.

January was my syllabus month. It was spent looking over all of the goals I set for myself (see here and here and here) and making a gameplan for how to achieve them. It was taking those goals and figuring out actual ways to accomplish them.

Or maybe I’m simply making an excuse for why I was a lazy shit in January. Whatever. 

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Work out ten times in February. That’s 10/28. A little under 36% of the available days in February. That’s so doable. I have to make baby goals before I can make big goals because I tend to overthink. My sister is a huge inspiration in this department. She has a kid and a husband and a full-time job and just bought a new house, and she still works out pretty much every day, but she doesn’t make me feel like the aforementioned lazy shit I really am when I don’t (… maybe she should). In any case, I have access to a gym run by my company that’s amazing and costs me less than $20/month that’s already being deducted from my paycheck, soooooo yeah. Let’s get started. 

Read John Berendt’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Part of my 101 in 1001 was to read one book for every month of the challenge (thirty-three total books). I finished Stephen King’s On Writing last month (I’m posting both a preliminary list of books and a review of On Writing this Saturday, if you’re interested!)

Develop a new vegetarian recipe to post. I’m doing a post with Ragu soon to make a Game Day recipe, and I’m thinking maybe vegetarian meatball sliders. I imagine there will be some trial and error.

Find a class I love on edx. Have y’all done edx? It offers free online learning courses from different universities around the world. If you want to learn it, they probably have it. I’m taking a personal finance class now, but I’d really like to learn something that I’ve never thought about- dinosaur ecosystems, anyone? 

Watch a romance movie and cry my eyes out. I mean, it is Valentine’s month, after all. I’m thinking something that will send me reaching for the Kleenex, like P.S. I Love You. Honorable mentions: When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight, Somewhere in Time, Brokeback Mountain, and Ghost. I have a weekend to myself this month, so I may just spend it baking and crying.

Or I’ll just drink bourbon and watch The Craft. I’m flexible.

If y’all have a crybaby movie suggestion, hit me up. 


I’ll end it there because I think that’s a good spot to start. I didn’t make any specific goals for the month of January that I can recap, which is handy, since I apparently did jack shit this month. Now I’ve got a better grasp on things.  January was the practice round. Now it’s ime to play.



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  1. Laura wrote:

    I’ve never heard of edx but I’m definitely going to check it out! I’m in the same boat with the gym thing. we belong to a gym, i just need to find the motivation to go after work!

    Published 2.5.17
  2. Steph wrote:

    I thought of you today at the library. I picked up a book called Growing up muslim. also, yes to veg meatball sliders. we haven’t figured that out yet, so i’m intrigued.

    Published 2.6.17