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Here Lately

Happy Thanksgiving week! It’s been a bit, but I thought I’d give an update about what’s been going on lately … it’s been crazy around here.

♥ Dale’s littlest spent a some time in Children’s Hospital with the crud. I think it damn near killed all the adults when they needed to draw her blood, but by golly, she was a little trooper. She sang and giggled and you know she still rocked her giant bow. Can’t keep a good gal down! We’re very thankful to report that she’s on the mend and as silly as ever.

♥ We’re wedding planning. Oh golly, we’re wedding planning. We’ve picked a location and a date, and we’ve narrowed down venues to three or four. My mom and sister volunteered to go to our city of choice and take a look at them (because they’re extra helpful like that), and then we’ll have a venue for save the dates! eeeeek. Oh. And I found a dress. We now have my outfit, Dale’s outfit, and our flower girls outfits. Practically finished, right?

♥ We got Dale officially moved out of his apartment and his storage unit, and did you know that man owns approximately six metric shittons of furniture? I swear, every piece he owns was built by Quakers in the 1700s who knew how to construct quality furniture because dayyyummm it was all heavy. In other news, I’m now a humpback.

(but he got me a massage at lunch today, so it was #worthit)

However, we did nominate ourselves for a Nobel Prize after we wrapped a tree in plastic and transported it whole. It’s a work of art, actually.

♥ We went to the Bedlam game a few weekends ago and we froze and I paced and said lots of swears, but my Oklahoma team managed to emerge victorious.

We also had a reunion for my sorority … it’s been over sixteen (!!) years since I pledged Pi Beta Phi, so we all decided to have a Friday date party and a Saturday house tour. I’ll tell ya, that house has come a long way since I lived up on the third floor. It looks like Chip and Jojo worked their magic inside.

♥ We’re going to Belize next week! We leave next Thursday and come back the following Tuesday. It’s an actual pleasure trip — no shoots scheduled, and we just get to relax and do nothing. I impulse bought the tickets because (1) I’d had a little wine (whoops), and (2) they were only like, $220 roundtrip. If anyone has recommendations, please let me know! 

And just the normal day-to-day stuff. I hate using the term “busy” … it’s an eyeroller that I think gets overused and becomes synonymous with “unable to prioritize” or “I just don’t care” … but it did get a little nuts for a bit. Happy to settle in now by the fireplace and look forward to moving a little more slowly through the end of the year (minus the Belize, NYC and Kansas City trips … whoops).

Happy Monday, babies. And happy Thanksgiving week!

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  1. dale wrote:

    excited to do life with you! how did i win the fiancée lottery?!

    Published 11.19.18