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Just Do the Damn Thing

If I could share one thing I’ve learned in my thirties, it’s this — just do the damn thing. Just do it.

Nine times out of ten, do the damn thing is the correct advice. For almost anything, in any situation. Stop talking, stop thinking, stop procrastinating, and just do the damn thing.

Do. The. Damn. Thing.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m plagued with the overthinksies (technical term, look it up). Whether it’s inherent in my lawyer nature, or whether it’s a means to procrastination (whatever), I can think and think and think on anything, weighing each and every option, searching for dozens more, until I’m so paralyzed by possibilities that I cannot move forward. That doubles down when life get crazy (like I referenced yesterday). That decision-making paralysis kills your productivity and your hopefulness, and it weighs down your heart.

Once you figure out a way to unfuck yourself, the doors to the Promised Land swing wide open. It really is that simple. You receive the keys to the kingdom when you learn how to get the hell out of your head and move forward. Come to terms with that, and you’ll learn that you don’t need to know where you’re going — you just have to move. 

The hiccup, the hard part? Making that decision. Pulling the Bandaid, launching the missile, standing firmly and just doing it. But once it happens, guys … God, once it happens? You take a deep breath and you take confidence in what you’ve done. Settling into your decisions and owning them is the best feeling on earth. And you think, hot diggity damn, why did I put this off for so long? I’ll never do this again!

(but you probably will, and that’s okay too)

To inspire you (or something), here is a list of the damn things I’m just doing:

  • Budgeting some biz. In spite of the large chunk of change I spent on the Nordstrom sale (which you’ll see on Friday because I’m #basic af), I want to get to a point in which I’m paying down made money on my damn student loans. I’m making good money, and I’ve had a few YOLO months now, but it’s time to look forward and get rid of that debt so I can YOLO into perpetuity. I’ve talked about this as a goal for basically forever (or at least since January 2017), so it’s time to #JustDoTheDamnThing.
  • Writing. Even when I don’t feel like it, sit down and put something on paper. Schedule it like I would the gynecologist. “I just want to write for a living!,” I bemoan, as I sit on my ass watching Beat Bobby Flay and doing anything but writing. Lifelong goal, so it’s time to #JustDoTheDamnThing.
  • Purging. I have a lot of shit, y’all. A LOT. A house full of things I don’t use or have outgrown or no longer serve me. And I’m guessing someone else would like them and even (*gasp!*) pay money for them (which would help with that first one, methinks). Every time I clean before the cleaner comes (judge away, whatever), I bitch about how much stuff I have, so it’s time to buckle down and #JustDoTheDamnThing.
  • Learning. I know this makes me sound nerdy, but I love learning. If I could be a forever student, I would be. I want to learn everything, and as with the writing thing, I’ve simply prioritized stupid shit ahead of it. No mas, says I. I recently started piano lessons. Not like, oh, I’m picking up where I left off as a kid lessons … like, I’ve never taken a lesson in my life and at 34 years old, I’m starting lessons. I’ve had two so far, and it’s kind of daunting, but so much fun (and my neighbor is my teacher and she gives me wine, which I suspect she doesn’t do for her ten year old clients). I’ve talked about it, but only recently decided to #JustDoTheDamnThing. 

Now look here, kids. I got a Master’s in Procrastination with an emphasis in Second-Guessing Myself, and if I can manage to figure this out, I know y’all can. It’s nothing special, and maybe this isn’t as hard for everyone else as it was for me. I do have a special way of making shit difficult for myself. Regardless, though, it isn’t rocket surgery, it isn’t physics, it doesn’t require a thesis defense. It’s just doing the damn thing. Then owning the hell out of it. 

Easy enough. Right?

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  1. Dale wrote:

    go get em! this is super inspiring

    Published 7.25.18
  2. Valerie wrote:

    Wine also helps with decluttering! Even better if it is wine + friends who will laugh at all of the expired-10-years-ago-but-is-still-lurking-in-the-depths-of-the-drawer stuff.

    Published 7.25.18