Links + Puppies + A Surprising Thought

It’s finally Friday (PTL, or something), and we’re concluding the first week of life during a Trump presidency (which is still embarrassing to say). In spite of the hate, in spite of the bigotry and backasswardsness, there has to be some good. There always has to be some good. I was talking to my cousin Julie this morning about it, and we decided that, if nothing else, Trump’s campaign and eventual presidency has gotten us talking more frequently than we ever have, and for that, we’re thankful. We’re thankful that, during an election year that has divided even the closest of families, we managed to become closer, and that’s pretty fantastic.

Which lead me to think of the other ways in which the Trump presidency might be the best thing to happen to Americans in fifty years (note: I didn’t say America, I said Americans). I’m going to stew and think and figure that out with some sort of eloquence, and I’ll share those thoughts next week. Get prepared, I’ve managed to surprise myself.

In the meantime, here’s a puppy in a mailbox and some links to stuff you might like.

♦ A 101 in 1001 that I’m determined to finish.

♦ How fire ants get pissed off when they get pissed on (wokka wokka)

♦ My travel plans for 2017 (so far) 

♦ I’ve read a lot of articles in the last few weeks, but this one had me in tears. I generally abide by the adage that you occasionally have to go batshit to make a point, which tends to work, but leaves you feeling unfortunately insane when it’s finished. One of the things I’ll go batshit about is laundry. My laundry was this man’s dishes. It’s reassuring when you realize that you aren’t as crazy as you thought, nor are you alone in your feelings. Being validated is an incredible thing. 

♦ Why scientists marching on Washington is just as important as women marching on Washington. 

♦ We’re going to Little Rock for the weekend to see our friends. While we’re there, my friend Mimi and I (Cuba Mimi, as referenced yesterday) are planning to attend the 7th Annual Rally for Reproductive Justice on the Capitol steps. I really encourage you to attend, if you’re able. Even if this isn’t your fight, even if these aren’t your rights, please offer your support. Individual freedoms are the most important things we have, even the ones that don’t directly affect you, and if you’re silent in one group losing their rights, you’ll be alone when you’re losing your own. 

Plus, there’s an afterparty following the rally, and Mimi and I bring our own party everywhere we go (see above), so c’mon out and party for some freedoms with us.

Also: if you know where in central Arkansas I can get a Pussyhat at the eleventh hour, please let me know. I’ll pay good money for it!

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xx little babies. happy weekend.

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