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Max Out

Y’all. I made it.

Well, through the ten-day Cleanse phase, anyway.

Which is handy, because the fear of soiling yourself inside a Fortune 1 headquarters was giving me anxiety out the wazoo.

My mom and sister can see a difference in my Before pic and my After-Ten-Days pic. I cannot. I tend to think I look fluffier, but they say you are your biggest critic (and “they” are 100% correct). I’m down 2.5 pounds, and for as much as people say, “Oh, it’s not about the scale, that’s not the best indicator of progress,” it’s totally the best cheerleader for my spirit/motivation and y’all folk can get on out of here with that. It’s a real, measurable way to see results, and since I obviously can’t see them via pictures, this will do for now. 

That doesn’t mean it’s any easier to look, though. I still had my hands over my eyes and peeked through my fingers.

Real talk, though? I feel pretty good. And I’ve noticed that my eating habits have been changing, not simply in what I eat, but how I eat it. My selection process has gotten educated, and life on the dairy-free train is pretty awesome (well, minus the cheese fest from earlier this week- that was also delicious). The 14-day Max phase is next, and I’m secretly hoping it will make me a little bit zippy. As a former consumer of basically every diet pill that’s been on the market (plain or black) in the last (nearly) two decades, I’ve always liked that feeling. Maybe I think it’s because I can feel it working? Who knows, the mind is a powerful thing, and mine says that if my teeth are chattering, I’ve gotta be burning calories somewhere. I’ll get back to you on the effects.

Cleanse Phase Summary: Weigh-in anxiety notwithstanding, this has been great. I feel good, I feel energized, I might feel skinnier? In any case, maybe now I won’t get the panics every time I think about stepping on a scale. 

(One can dream.)

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  1. jenn wrote:

    okay. what is this thing you’re doing. send me the deets. because i’m on the dairy-only train right now, and i kind of wanna get off.

    Published 5.10.17