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The Syllabus Day of the New Year

Did anyone else use the term “Syllabus Day” to describe your first day of classes in a new semester? You knew you wouldn’t do anything of substance, but you’d get your syllabus, which would allow you to plan out the rest of the semester. Kind of lets you get your bearings before diving into the material. I was always a big fan of Syllabus Day (or Week, depending on what kind of professor you had). I like my paper planner and my colored pens and marking things out toward the future (though my follow-through could be improved upon, but we’re not talking about my shortcomings just yet). 

So goes the first part of the New Year.

Sometimes it takes some planning in January to make things happen the rest of the year. So, at least for 2019, I’ve deemed January Syllabus Month, and I will give myself grace for being in crazy planning mode for the last month — instead of crazy doing mode. In my defense, though, there’s a lot of planning to be done right now.

For instance, did you know we’re at the sixty day mark? In SIXTY DAYS, I’m getting married.

(*swallows tongue*)

I’ll go into more details tomorrow (#WeddingWednesday until it happens!), but there’s a LOT to be done when you’re getting married, especially when you’re doing it destination style and have to get by on trust in the vendors we’ve picked (and my mom and sister, bless them for doing so much ground work in the planning!).

Dale and I have been sampling an array of vegan food from around Northwest Arkansas (and photographing it, of course) for an article he’s doing for Leisurlist. It’s crazy how many new places we’ve discovered that have incredible food that we can eat (and a bunch of place that treat meat as an add-on, instead of a take-off ….. if you’re vegetarian or vegan, you totally understand the difference).

Planning weddings, planning meals, planning finances, planning house stuff, planning social outings, planning blog posts (wait, what??!), planning planning planning … My little Plum Paper planner is getting stuffed full, and we aren’t even into February yet. I love this part of the year. Everything feels within reach and attainable, and I’m still so full of hope for the year to come.

I also haven’t planned anything big and not followed through yet (yet).

Basically, I’m batting a thousand through month one (whatever, don’t kill my vibe). 

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  1. Lauren wrote:

    I freakin’ loved syllabus day. Seriously!

    Published 1.31.19