Notes Regarding Mr. Burns Hands, Exhaustion & Block Scheduling

Since we’ve been back, I’ve invested all of my non-work energy into a few different buckets:

  1. Organizing my entire life thus far (and thirty-five years of my own brand of chaos is enough to put Marie Kondo into a straitjacket);
  2. Learning about block scheduling;
  3. Reading Game of Thrones fan theories; and
  4. Trying to become Lauryn Evarts Bosstick bc I’m obsessed with her.

The block scheduling thing is pretty interesting. I tried it out Thursday for the first time and I was wildly productive at work. I had a list of things to do in a certain amount of time, and that list didn’t include ever opening Instagram or chatting with my work wife. I pencil those things in during the day, but they have their times and places. Previously, I’d look at my growing list of things that “have to be done today” (wokka wokka, eyeroll), and I would get a little overwhelmed with it, even to the point of pushing it away for ten minutes while I procrastinated (not one of my finer qualities). Now that everything has a space, though, it’s a lot easier to be efficient. I’m not wondering where all of my time went now — I can go through my list in retrospect and see what I invested my day doing.

In light of that, my time I’m allowed for blogging is rapidly coming to a close, so I’ll bullet point a few random things for the sake of brevity.

♥ Dale will occasionally play sax with Boom Kinetic, and he’s played with them twice in the last two weekends: once at George’s in Fayetteville and once at Rev Room in Little Rock. 

No matter how many times I see Boom Kinetic, I never get tired of it. They play some great covers., everything from The 1975 to Toto to the Avett Brothers, and sometimes with a Starship kicker (which is my extra favorite song they do). I remember listening to them at friends’ weddings before I was with Dale and thinking how fun they were.

(found this appropriate shirt at the Fringe Boutique)

I love when Dale joins them — he’s incredibly talented, and you always dig the guy in the band, right? It’s kind of bananas how good he is at artsy things. He plays sax and piano and guitar, and he takes pictures the way he does … it can be a little overwhelming for a gal who was over the moon about figuring out how to play the child’s version of Ode to Joy. I can still do a backhandspring, though, so whatever, haters.

♥ I started re-reading Searching for Sunday. I’m not ashamed to tell you guys that one of the biggest reasons I am able to pray and have faith is because of Rachel Held Evans and her transparency with her struggle in the church. When talking religion, I affectionately refer to my age group as the Youth Group Generation. We were kids raised going Wednesdays and Sundays, who were later told by the higher-ups within the church that questioning was not permitted. Church turned into politics over the Word, self-righteousness over love. For years, I spoke poorly of the Church, and for good reason; Rachel Held Evans and her words made me rethink my relationship.

Last week, during treatment for an infection, her doctors noticed brain activity that was unusual; turns out, she was experiencing multiple seizures. She was placed in a medically-induced coma and has remained in that state since. If you’ll read through Twitter and the tag #PrayforRHE, you’ll see that I’m hardly alone in my praise of her. It’s a heartbreaking situation, and I hope so badly that she makes a full recovery. Her husband posts updates here if you’d like to read them.

♥ Sometimes the Sowers-Benfield family will schedule things without looking at the calendar as a whole. Like, we check that we’re free for that particular day, without looking to see what we may be doing (or where we’re doing it) the next day. Which is how we’ve ended up with three different concerts in three different states in the span of five days.

We’re taking Ellie to see LANY in Kansas City on Wednesday night, then driving back to Northwest Arkansas that night. I’ll go to work on Thursday (yoiiiikes), then we’ll leave for Texas, stopping in Dallas for the night. We’ll wake up, have breakfast, and drive to Austin to see The 1975 on Friday night. We’ll stay in Austin through Saturday night (I think … tba, tbh). Then Dale has some shoots scheduled on Sunday in Dallas, after which we make it back to Northwest Arkansas. I’ll go to work Monday (yoiiiikes again), and then go see The Killers in the AMP on Monday night.

Then I probably die. Idk, it’s not science, though.

♥ We got a sneak peek of our wedding pictures from the wildly talent Susie Qiu, and we couldn’t possibly be happier with them!

Between her shots and the session we had the day after the wedding with Dale’s best man/best dude JP Elario, I’m so pleased with the shots we got. 10/10, can’t recommend these two enough (especially if you’re needing Vegas + New York pictures, respectively). 

♥ If I learned anything throughout the wedding process, it’s this: I’m definitely a lawyer, not a model. Back before I became involved with a photographer, I just figured I looked pleasing enough in professional pictures and did a good job of not being derptastic… because those were the only pictures I saw, forgetting that there were duds in the pack that the photographer had kindly weeded out. Well. JP sent us the entire session (like, 800 shots) to go over, and lemme tell y’all something: I’ve discovered I have a knack for simultaneously having Mr. Burns hands and Chandler Bing face.

Nothing but God-given talent to see here, folks.

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