October Sounds

One of the things I failed to mention in my last post about fall basic-ness is that my entire music mood shifts and I make new playlists at the first sound of a falling leaf. Generally, the tempo slows and I migrate into beatnik coffeehouse mode. My high school boyfriend appropriately called this genre of music “Tyler songs.” God bless him, I drove him crazy with my love of breathy whispers and a quiet guitar. And probably the Backstreet Boys Millenium album, but that’s neither here nor there.

My adoration for the likes of Joshua Radin and The Lumineers knows no bounds, which makes my pissiness for missing the Lumineers show that was literally right across the street from me even worse. I had all the intention in the world to get over there, and then I just forgot. Ever forget? Happened to me. Anywhoodles. Back to the music here.

October 2016 Playlist

Basically, if Band of Horses pledged the Alpha Epsilon Omega fraternity, this playlist would be Mitch-a-palooza. Lots of like-minded folk with common goals. Give it a listen. It’s especially good for work.

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