The Best Baby Shower

I have moments sometimes that remind me how incredibly lucky I am. Different moments and different reasons, but from time to time, I’m slapped in the face with overwhelming gratitude for the life I’ve been given and the people who…

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12.3.19 2

A First-Time Mom Packs a Hospital Bag

I’m a first-time mom attempting to pack a hospital bag, which basically means I know nothing about what I’ll actually use and what I won’t. Most everyone I spoke to in the beginning of this pregnancy said to have a…

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11.26.19 4

The Best-Laid (Birth) Plans

I personally hate the term “birth plan.” I love the concept of a birth plan, don’t get me wrong, but I hate the focus on “plan.” To me, a “plan” seems rigid, unadaptable. If you make a plan and can’t…

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11.14.19 1

The Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving Guide

One of the most frequent questions I get during this time of year is, “As a vegan, what do you eat for Thanksgiving??” Sometimes I giggle a little on the inside. I think people tend to forget that there are approximately…

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