Coffee Talk with Ty, v.6

Grab your joe (might be an afternoon joe by the time this gets up), and settle in for a little coffee talk.  What. A. Week. Y’all, this one has taken it out of me. Between the back-to-back-to-back, all day long…

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7.25.18 2

Just Do the Damn Thing

If I could share one thing I’ve learned in my thirties, it’s this — just do the damn thing. Just do it. Nine times out of ten, do the damn thing is the correct advice. For almost anything, in any situation.…

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Hello. It’s me. (Haallloooww from the other side). It always feels weird coming back from an unannounced, unintended break. Partially because you don’t know whether to jump back in or address it; partially because you wonder what to say regardless.…

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6.14.18 1

Coffee Talk with Ty, v.5

Oh, a coffee talk, which is, incidentally, something that I can’t currently have on this super crunchy, extra bougie vegan cleanse I’m doing that I’ve already regretted a little. Tea and rosewater and probiotics and some fancy green shake and…

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6.12.18 2

The Summer List 2018

I’ve been up since 5:00am or so (perk/peril of getting older? maybe I’ve finally turned into a for-real morning person, because I’m sure as hell no longer a night owl). It’s started storming in northwest Arkansas, so I’ve muted whatever…

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