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Pregnancy Update: Thirty Nine Weeks


Baby is the size of a honeydew melon.

I’ve had contractions like crazy, but nothing regular or productive.

At my appointment Tuesday, I was dilated one centimeter. Because of my “advanced maternal age,” my doctor won’t let me carry to 41 weeks like she would with less sophisticated (I prefer sophisticated) mothers. Basically, I have through next weekend to get this baby out naturally, or else I have to be induced. My next appointment is Friday, January 10, so if babytime hasn’t started by then, I’ll get scheduled for induction.

really don’t want to be induced, so any suggestions to naturally kickstart labor are appreciated!

I’ve leveled out right at 30 pounds gained (I actually lost a pound this week). I’m looking forward to being active again once Little One is on the outside. I’ve loved being pregnant, but I’m starting to miss feeling like myself. I’m going to start planning for the aftermath of Dilly; maybe pretending to be in control will help!

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  1. Kerri Mansell wrote:

    Not sure if these things actually work but I was 6 days over due and wanted to do everything to avoid being induced so I:
    – ate a boat load of pineapple
    – drank lots of red raspberry leaf tea
    – bounced on an exercise ball for hours
    – walk, walk, walk!

    Published 1.7.20