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Pregnancy Update: Thirty-One Weeks

I’m thirty-one weeks pregnant. When we went in for our checkup this week (on Monday), I measured 31 cm — which, after a quick Google search, seems pretty standard. Nothing too exciting on that front! Unless Lil’ Critter starts gaining weight like a wrestler, I don’t think I’m in any danger of being induced early. 

I also asked about the heart palpitations/blood pressure/queasiness. It didn’t help that my BP was higher than normal when I went in. I’m usually around 100/70, and I was 120/77 on Monday, which still isn’t high — I get it — but compared to my baseline, it’s higher. My doctor said that I most likely just needed to chug more water and make sure I took my iron supplement after my meal, not before or during. Which duh, but naturally I hadn’t been doing that.

Li’ Critter is as big as a coconut 😳 or a fanny pack, depending on which app I’m using, and is about 3.25 pounds. I believe it — my stomach is rock hard now! I’m no longer uncomfortably full from overeating. I’m uncomfortably full from housing a 3.5 pound human in me. And that kid 

It’s official: I’ve gained twenty pounds. As I’ve said before, it can be hard to see the scale moving up, knowing I’m not supposed to do anything about it. And sure, I know, even when I am doing something about it, it isn’t always about the number. But holy geez, it’s just a different ballgame! When it comes to comments about my body, I’ve been told everything, from “Are you positive there’s a baby in there??” to “Sure it’s not twins?” If you’re a person (especially a man) who’s tempted to comment on a woman’s body, pregnant or not, just go ahead and punch yourself in the crotch for me, thanks.

I still feel pretty good, albeit a little uncomfortable. Putting on twenty pounds of weight to a concentrated area in a short period of time will do that, I suppose. I grunt when I get out of bed in the morning (and many other times throughout the day). I don’t feel as sleepy as I did, but it ebbs and flows. Maybe I’m telling myself I’m not sleepy because I find it harder and harder to sleep at night. The power of the mind.

Cinnamon is still a big craving for me. Obvs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, french toast with cinnamon, applesauce and cinnamon (don’t mistake curry powder for cinnamon, it’s a catastrophic mistake) … and now the holiday season with cinnamon galore! I’ll be a happy little fatso, swimming in a sea of cinnamon.

I’m going back to Rhea Lana tomorrow for an early look. When I went in September, it was so overwhelming — it was my first time, and not knowing whether we were having a boy or girl just made the indecision worse. Now that I’ve gotten my wits about me and have become a seasoned veteran, I have a list with priorities … first and foremost, I’d like to find a Halo bassinet. It is on my registry, but if I can get a gently used one at 60% off, I absolutely will. Then over to playmats, then maternity clothes. Then slowly make my way around everything else.

We got the crib set up! … and by “we,” I mean Dale. It’s non-sensical how much more prepared that one act has made me feel. I spend so much more time upstairs now, sitting in the floor and imagining what it will be like with its new inhabitant in it.

Our most-asked question is about names. We have a short list of names (two or three each for boy/girl), and we want to lay eyes on him/her before we decide. We’ll announce as soon as we know!

My friends and sister are hosting a baby shower Sunday, and I’m so excited I could pee. Knowing my luck now, it would probably just be a dribble. Whatever.

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  1. Lauren wrote:

    You mean you ARENT sticking with Lil Critter? Bummer.

    Published 11.11.19