Pregnancy Update: Thirty-Seven Weeks

Thirty-seven weeks pregnant. Full term. Y’all, I made it!

After the preterm labor scare, this was my #1 goal.

Everything is ready. The shelves in the living room are finished, the bookshelf in the baby’s room is up, all his/her little clothes are washed and ready. The carpets have been shampooed, Louie has gotten a bath, and I’ve gotten my hair done. All of the work that has been on my plate has been completed or delegated, and my workflow process for the next seventeen weeks has been implemented. My last official day in the office is a week from today.

Now I’m just wrapping (and shopping for!!) presents, finishing some odds and ends for work, and trying as hard as I can to relax and sleep (lolll) before Lil’ Critter gets here. 

I’ve had some wild contractions this week. Big enough that a few times, I thought it was the time. I had to remember, as intense as they were, that if they weren’t patterned and regular, it wasn’t time. Luckily, I’ve been able to ease some of the pain with yoga poses (child is my favorite right now). 

As of my appointment on Wednesday morning, I’ve gained exactly thirty pounds. Baby is as big as swiss chard. I’m 1/2cm dilated (lollll). 

And now we wait!

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