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The Four Products That Helped Us Survive Our First Month With a Baby

Happy one month, Scout Lucille ♥

I can’t believe Scout has been with us for an entire month. My heart aches a little, thinking about the month that has gone past, and all of those tiny moments that have already flown by. I’m trying my hardest to snuggle that little girl every chance I get, so that I can soak up all of the cooing and nuzzling. And the smell, LORD, the smell is heaven-sent.

I don’t want to act as though it’s all been sunshine and roses, though. We’ve had our hard moments, but it’s been resoundingly smooth. I’m so thankful for an involved partner, a supportive extended family, and a job with an outstanding leave policy, and I recognize that life and this transition would be significantly more difficult without even one of them.

We also found four products that have basically become like gold to us. Literally, we’ve used these every day since we brought Scout home, and they have saved our sanity. We wanted to share in case anyone needed suggestions for their registry!

Hushh Portable White Noise Machine

This is at the top for a reason. Scout loves this thing. We also have a Hatch Baby sound machine, but since Scout’s room is upstairs (and she’s currently bunking up downstairs with us), we’ve just used this small one. It attaches to her bassinet at night and to her car seat when we go places. It has three different settings: two white noise patterns and a beach waves sound.


Okay, I wasn’t sure if I needed this, but now that I have it, I love it. It’s a manual silicone breast pump that uses suction to extract. Unlike other pumps, I use it while nursing. Whatever side Scout is on, I use the Haakaa on the other side to catch all the excess drippage that would be lost otherwise. I haven’t used a traditional pump at all yet, and I already have a decent stockpile of milk in the freezer! It’s pretty comfortable and easy to clean too.

Boppy Newborn Lounger

I think this is typically on everyone’s registry, but it’s for a good reason. Whether she’s asleep or awake, Scout loves being in her lounger. She can use it on the couch, the bed or the floor, and she’s content with just a little blanket on top!

Halo Bassinet

We have the basic Halo Bassinet. I know that the newer ones come with a rocking option, but we love our stationary one. We also found one at Rhea Lana for even cheaper — I’d recommend checking your local RL, but be aware, they can be few and far between unless you get in super early. We keep it right next to the bed, and one side of the railing pushes down so you can easily access your kid in the middle of the night. The sides are made of mesh so (1) it’s safe for little babies, and (2) easy to clean when your kid shoots projectile poop on it. You can trust me on that one.

Mommas, tell me … what are your must-haves for the second month?

Asking for a friend.

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  1. Neely wrote:

    Baby bjorn bouncer for sure

    Published 2.11.20
  2. shannon wrote:

    three cheers for the haakaa!!! it was such a lifesaver and i’m pretty sure i gifted to literally every new momma!

    Published 2.11.20