My Weekly Loves and Must-Haves

Since I’ve tried to slow down some (see this post), I’ve found it so much easier to take notice of and joy in smaller things. When I’m goinggoinggoing, I tend to gloss over little things in pursuit of the larger goal. When I’m able to sit and relax in a quiet space, I’m so much better able to take inventory of what’s happening in my life. Not that there’s anything wrong with the fast pace — Lord knows I love it. I just feel like, in this particular season of my life, I want to move slowly and savor what’s happening as it happens. I don’t want to look back on this pregnancy that’s already flying by and not be able to remember details because I was too consumed with another area of my life that should have taken a backseat.


Sometimes the smallest things (or the most insignificant things) can make you ridiculously happy. Happiness doesn’t have rules. Things that spark your joy can be as large or as small as you need. One of my hugest happy triggers is clean bedding (and I don’t think the Dalai Lama mentioned that in any books). My point is, with everything that’s happening in the world around you, if you can find something that makes you happy, cling to it.

Then share it, like I do. Spread that happy biz like peanut butter (brb, gotta go get some peanut butter).

Baby clothes.

Oh my. Tiny human clothes are the best things ever, especially after they get washed in Dreft and smell like magic. Thank yooooou, Rhea Lana. Ruffles and suspenders alike, everything is so little and perfect, and I can’t wait to have an actual human to wear them all.

I struggled with feeling pregnant for a while. The physical symptoms finally made their arrival — some lower back achiness, headaches, fatigue — but it took a while for me to feel emotionally pregnant. I don’t know what it was, but I couldn’t make the connection. Now that Lil’ Critter is moving around all the time, something finally struck. Now I just talk all day to him/her. January can’t get here quick enough. 

The Billie razor.

You’ve probably seen the sponsored posts on Instagram — I know I did. It seemed like everyone and their agent was shilling this thing, which made me a little wary of trying it. Some people would say genital herpes was an omgmusthave if you threw them enough money, so I take sponsored posts with a grain of salt (and a lot of skepticism). I eventually gave in because (1) I’m a hairy beast on a regular day, and when you add hormones and vitamins, I’m damn near a werewolf; (2) my skin is sensitive, even if my fur is not, and shaving has long been a labor of love with trying to find the right razor; and (3) I want my skin to be as supple and soft and stretchy as possible, and not just on my boobs/belly/butt area.

Honest-to-goodness review? Even when waxing, I’ve never been this smooth. 

This lil’ dude is legit. And after you pay for the razor, you get four replacement cartridges sent you each month (so you can have a shiny new one each week), shipping included, for nine dollars. The dude-razors I’ve used in the past had more expensive replacements than that. 

Anywhoodles, I love it, so I wanted to pass it on. You can get one here if you wanna try it … but beware: your ass will get spoiled and you’ll turn your nose up and your husband’s Mach 3.

Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.

I know. I know. I have, in the past, called Dave Ramsey an opportunistic charlatan, or something similar. I’m still not 100% sure he isn’t, but he has a good plan and some simple, hard-nosed advice for taking control of your money. I haven’t always made the best decisions with purchases, and I’ve carried people and their bills at the expense of my own finances and sanity (ladies, don’t pay for a man’s bills unless you’re legally bound to them both, thanks for attending my Ted sentence). Some of you know well that if you’re down and out that having something nice Bandaids up the pain for a little bit, but like drinking when you’re sad, it never goes away — it just compounds in the morning. But at the time, you’re all oh, I bet this book on How To Make Your Life Less Shitpile-y and seventeen fuzzy sweaters will calm my heart and fix my soul. And I ain’t about to disparage the fuzzy sweater and its healing qualities, but it turns out, that shit’s just various buckets to pitch out water while your life boat sinks because you aren’t fixing the root problems.

Deep shit, huh.

I was listening to a podcast that said something to the effect of, “It sucks to not have money. It sucks worse to be making monthly payments on your mistakes.”

Boom shaka laka.

It took me a little bit to come to terms with being a finance dunce. I’m aware of what I’m doing when I do it, it’s not as though I can claim ignorance. I know what I’m doing isn’t financially healthy; I just do it anyway. And there’s no damn reason for that. I mean, I make a great paycheck. I’m just an idiot. It’s like, oh that girl looks like she knows what she’s doing but wow she spends money like a dickhead. I had a moment, though, the moment, on Monday night, and that was my enough is enough moment. I had this book, opened a few times, collecting dust on my bookshelf (another late-night, de-shit-ify my life purchase, no doubt), so I pulled it out and away we went.

And y’all, just having a plan and a goal can give you some bananas motivation.

I’ll probably start writing more on this — I think it’s a problem a lot of people have, but are ashamed to talk about — so I’ll go into more depth later. But, if you need a good jumping-off point, try the original book and the workbook. You won’t be disappointed. 

Cozy gameday wear.

Like I said, I probably won’t make it to any more in-person games this season (which makes me sad, but also wildly excited). I’ve been looking for some cozy things to wear for gamedays on the couch, and I found this pullover via Alexa Anglin and I’m obsessed.

I just image it in a size up with leggings and coffee (since no mimosa, so sad) and College Game Day and a fireplace (and now I’ve forgotten that it’s still ninety degrees outside, but whatever).

Thus concludes my current happies. 

Honorable mentions and/or things deserving of their very own posts when completed:

  • The crib arriving, but sitting in a box in the entryway;
  • My reverse nesting, in which I throw out everything we own;
  • My fuzzy white dog who had eleven teeth pulled Monday afternoon because I’m a crap mother, but somehow still loves me;
  • Our own new bed that has nothing to do with the actual mattress, but still somehow feels like it has made the bed more comfortable?;
  • A trip to church, after years and years of not being inside one; and
  • My job. It hasn’t always been on my happy list, but here lately, I’ve found more and more joy in my work. Having a new SVP who values my work and opinions has completely changed the game for me.

I challenge you all to find happiness in the ordinarily mundane. It’s so much easier to remain happy overall when you can look to small chunks of sunshine throughout your day.

Happy Thursday, kitties.

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